The Hippos Go To Shelbyville (and LaGrange, GA)


The first real weekend for the Hippos kicks off this weekend at Race #2 of the Shelbyville Triathlon Series for FOUR members of the team, while another heads down to (hopefully!) warmer climes in Georgia for the LaGrange Sprint Triathlon.

Lindsay, Rachel, Rick, and Tim are making the one-hour trek over to Shelbyville to race in what we can only hope will be warm weather.  With a predicted high in the mid-50s F, it’s going to be a chilly morning for Lindsay and Rachel to defend their overall and age-group victories from Race #1, while Rick and Tim kick off their IM Louisville campaigns.  If it’s too chilly out, expect this 400y/12mi/5k race to be flipped to R-B-S.

Sally is trekking to LaGrange, Georgia to begin her quest toward a National Senior Games title.  This 300y/16k/5k race suits her skill set perfectly, so expect her to return home with some hardware.

They’d better be rocking their new Hippo stuff, too!

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